What will suit you?

solar1Apricus is available as a 20 or 30 tube collector system. As a general rule of thumb our Apricus 20 Collector is perfect for a 180 litre cylinder and a household of 1 to 3 people, while the Apricus 30 suits the medium to larger sized family with a cylinder around 270 litres. Large families and commercial users can operate with larger cylinders and multiple sets of collectors.

An Apricus system will operate with low, medium and high pressure water systems.

Stainless Steel mounting frames and optional adjustable ‘A’ frames are available for flat or gently sloping roofs. The tubular shape dramatically reduces the risk of damage in high wind areas and the tubes are resistant to hail impact..

Nationwide network of dealers

solutions_home_imageDo I have to apply for the grant after I’ve bought my insulation and wood pellet fire?

No. The price you pay will already include the grants from EECA. Your local Switch retailer will take care of all the paperwork for you.
Why should I choose Switch to help insulate and heat my home?

Switch has a nationwide network of dealers, and a partnership with PinkFit®, ensuring we can arrange an insulation assessment and installation right across New Zealand.

Commercial Boilers

commercialWood Pellet Boilers can be used in any number of commercial/industrial applications. They are capable of producing large amounts of potable or non-potable hot water for use in large central heating systems such as in a school, or for providing process heat for a specific phase of a manufacturing procedure.

New boiler house

mobile1In many instances, it may be uneconomic or unviable to custom build a new boiler house for your new wood pellet boiler.

In order to save on permitting and building costs, we offer the option of a mobile heat plant – a fully automated wood pellet boiler, installed into an ISO Shipping Container, re-designed to be a boiler house and fuel store all in one.

About Switch

cylinders1Who is Switch?

Switch is a division of Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd, a state-owned enterprise, which operates as a commercial company with only one shareholder, the New Zealand Government. Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd is New Zealand’s largest producer of locally sourced energy and has a strong commitment to investing in sustainable technologies to help New Zealand in its transition to clean, affordable and renewable forms of energy.

Solid Energy created Switch after buying the assets of leading New Zealand solar heating company Sensible Heat in July 2007 to complement its other renewable fuel and technology interests. These include renewable fuel manufacturers Nature’s Flame and Biodiesel New Zealand

What’s involved?

Apricus-WinFree Standing Pellet FireTo get an EECA $500 (incl gst) grant on a wood pellet fire, your home must first be assessed as having sufficient insulation. Once your home insulation is all up to scratch, your local Switch retailer will be happy to show you our range of wood pellet fires. When you’ve made your choice, you just pay the agreed price, less the $500 grant.

Wood Pellet Fuel

pelletNature’s Flame

Nature’s Flame is the brand name of Solid Energy Renewable Fuels Ltd, an innovative biomass business that produces pellets from waste wood for burning in smokeless wood pellet fires to comply with the most stringent clean air standards.

Solid Energy Renewable Fuels Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd, a State Owned Enterprise and New Zealand’s leading coal producer. Solid Energy’s acquisition of Nature’s Flame underlines its recognition that burning solid fuels – wood and coal – on domestic open fires and in older log burners is no longer acceptable in areas of New Zealand that suffer from poor air quality and supports moves to increase the use of renewable fuels.

How does my home qualify?

solar4If your house was built before 1 January 2000, you could save up to $1300 on getting ceiling and underfloor insulation installed, and once your insulation is sorted you can get $500 off a Wood Pellet Fire. If your home is already well insulated, you just need to have it assessed and then you can come in and choose your pellet fire.

What does a ‘service’ mean for my fire?

pellet-fire-insertOver time and after prolonged use, a pellet fire, like a gas or wood fire, or indeed like any household appliance, will gather dust, suffer some wear and tear, and require at least annual attention to keep it running efficiently and effectively.

The main areas covered in a service are:

Burn Pot and Burn Pot Liner
Ensure the holes are all clear, and that combustion is still occurring efficiently.
Blower Mechanism
Ensure the device used either to remove exhaust gases from the stove or move air over the heat exchanger and into the room is clean and working appropriately.
Heat Exchange
Ensure that the heat exchange tubes are clean for efficiency.
Exhaust System
Ensure this is removing combustion gases from the house in a safe and proper fashion.
Fresh Air Intake
Ensure this is clean and clear and drawing efficiently.

Arrange a FREE quote

solar3Simply contact us to arrange a FREE quote, and if you then order your Apricus Solar Hot Water System by 31 July 2011, you’ll be in the draw to win a 50 inch flat screen TV.
Plus you could also get up to $1000 of the cost of installing your system!
You should choose Apricus because:

it is one of New Zealand’s most energy efficient evacuated tube systems
it combines high performance, quality construction and style
it meets the quality standards of six international organisations
it gives you national installation and technical support
it is ideal for New Zealand’s changeable weather
it is a superior system, providing greater annual output
it meets all criteria for EECA’s energywise™ $1000 domestic solar grant
it has a 10-year warranty on tubes
and a 15-year warranty on the copper header pipe of the solar collector